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Volunteer remotely with your company to assist blind and low vision people around the world.
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Impactful volunteering made easy

Support the growing blind and low-vision community
Volunteer virtually from your preferred spot
Support in English
Schedule the event whenever
Events last from 1 to 24 hours
Choose number of event participants.
$ 1,500 USD
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After purchase we will contact you to schedule a date and time.

Volunteer with your sight

Help blind and low-vision people lead independent lives

Thousands of blind and low-vision people all around the world calls Be My Eyes through video every day to get visual support. Your team can be a part of supporting them in leading independent lives.

By using a smartphone, the blind or low-vision person points their rear-camera towards what they need support seeing. In the other end a sighted volunteer can see through the callers camera and tell them what they see.

"At Twitter, we care deeply about improving the communities that we work and live in. Volunteering with Be My Eyes allowed Twitter employees around the world to have a direct, immediate and meaningful impact in helping a global community."

Ylwa Pettersson
Head of Public Policy & Philanthropy for the Nordics & Israel, Twitter
Ylwa Pettersson profile image
“Thank you for giving blind people like me a space to get help with everything! I appreciate all you do and what you stand for!”
Hope, blind user from USA.

Video testimonials

Genesys on volunteering with Be My Eyes

“I was able to provide just a little help at the perfect time that it's needed most.”
Volunteering Genesys employee

Motivation Technologies on volunteering with Be My Eyes

“Our Be My Eyes volunteer day ranks at the top of any activity we’ve ever done!”
Dick Estes, Founder & President of Motivation Technologies

How to get started

Volunteer all the time in no time

You determine the number of participants and purchase the event.
We reach out to you to schedule a date and time.
Until your event starts, you download and signup in the app and we provide helpful information on how to be a great Be My Eyes volunteer.
You are now ready to volunteer once the event kicks off.

How events work

The event you don’t want to leave

Download and sign up
Use your work domain email to sign up. You are automatically added to the event.
Wait for calls
Calls are automatically distributed evenly to all participants. Answer a call when you want to.
Use your sight
Once on the call, all you have to do is to support the caller by being their eyes.
Rate and wait
After the call you hang up, rate the call and wait for the next incoming call.
See the stats
Once the event has ended we share all the statistics with you in a nice report.
Volunteer across timezones
Support in English
Schedule the event whenever

How calls work

Everything is in your hands

A Be My Eyes call pops up on your phone as a push notification. Simply tap it to answer the call. If you are not able to answer, another volunteer will answer.
Once on the call, you can see through their rear camera. The caller can’t see you but you can hear each other.
The caller points their camera towards what they need support seeing. All you have to do is to act as their eyes and tell the caller what you see through their phone camera.
After the call you hang up, rate the call and wait for the next incoming call.
Phone showing push notification
You receive a push notification about incoming calls.

Use cases

Let's see...

Reading small print, describing images, distinguishing food cans, finding lost keys...


A wholesome experience

We think the best way to tell why volunteering on a corporate level is powerful is to let others do the talking.
"I have been blessed to answer three calls so far for Be My Eyes. I have helped someone pick out clothes for a date, another person set their oven to bake dinner, and another to ensure that his dog was in the yard so that it wouldn’t escape when he opened his garage door. Such easy things for me to do in my day-to-day life, but challenging with a visual impairment. I am grateful to be able to help in this small way!"
"Helping people that cannot see has been so rewarding. I helped a man make his breakfast that he wouldn't be able to do by himself when left alone. He cooked an egg in a microwave container, made toast, poured juice and made a sandwich with all he prepared. It was so nice to get to hear his story as well."
John Hancock
"This was such a cool and amazing session! I loved that a member from Be My Eyes led the training and gave a lot of insights into the company itself and how it started. I will definitely continue to use this application!"
John Hancock


What languages are supported?

The primary language offered for Corporate Volunteering events is English although additional languages are available.  Please reach out to your Be My Eyes Representative or use the form below to request additional languages as we want to ensure a great experience for all participants.

Does corporate volunteering events work across different time zones?

Yes. Just make sure that when the event runs that the local time is between 8am and 9pm in the other timezones. By default no one gets calls at night time between 9pm to 8am.

What are the typical tasks the callers need support with?

It’s usually everyday tasks like distinguishing items, reading small print, setting the washer etc. A call usually doesn’t last more than a minute or 2 but occasionally it can be more.

How long can events be?

Corporate volunteering events can last up to 24 hours. Depending on your situation you can do a focused timeslot of e.g. 2 hours where we will prioritize calls to your team. You can also have the event span e.g. 8 hours and do it in between your employees’ work schedules. Depending on the chosen timeframe we adjust the frequency of incoming calls accordingly.

What if we can’t answer all incoming calls?

Fear not. We actually notify 20 people of a call, so don’t worry if you are unable to answer. We do this so that no call goes unanswered. All calls are on average answered in less than 20 seconds.

We want to make this an annual event. Can we do that?

Sure! Please reach out to us directly using the form below and we are happy to answer further questions and tailor the annual events to your needs.

When and how do I pay?

If you are looking for a one-time CV event, please select the number of participants for the event at the top of this page. After clicking “Go to checkout” you can pay for the event using Apple Pay or pay by card. If you are looking to partner with Be My Eyes for multiple CV events, please reach out to us using the form below and we can talk with you about our subscription options for longer termed engagements.

How many participants can be in an event?

We have set a cap of 100 participants, but if you want it even bigger, please reach out to us using the form below and let's talk.

What if we speak different languages?

We are able to hold CV events for your employees who speak different languages. Depending upon the primary language of the volunteers, it may be best to schedule separate dedicated days or even multiple days to make sure everyone has an opportunity to answer calls that are being prioritized to them.


Lou Cooper
Success Manager

Fill out the form and Lou will get back to you shortly.